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We have now had to close the shop as well as the restaurant. But instead of just waiting around, there was work to be done! In a few days’ time, we have set up a web shop and decided that, in line with the takeaway service we have developed for the restaurant, we want to do something similar for the shop. As the restaurant is closed at the moment and has lots of windows, we have used it to create window displays. Our products hanging and standing in these displays each have a number that you can make a note of and quote in a call or an e-mail so that you can then collect your order from the counter (we also supply and send via the web shop). Collecting in person is now also no longer possible, so we now deliver to your door, preferably not too far away!

The counter where your order is processed is on exactly the opposite side of the building to the FRIET and take away (facing the inner street, opposite the door to the showroom and shop). We did consider having the shop employees working in the windows, but during regular shop opening hours they usually work in the office. So, when you call to place your order, there is a good chance you will see one of our colleagues nipping over the street to process your order or deliver it!

Window shopping, pick a number, window dressing, kado to go, shopping out of the box; we considered them all. But the choice has fallen on EEK AWAY, without a ‘t’. Alongside the takeaway, where we offer all kinds of other dishes besides fries, is the James Cauty container. So, you can view art and window shop at any time of night or day.

One of the ladies from the restaurant mentioned that we now actually have just about everything outside that would normally be inside: design, art, antiques and food. It is all keeping us very busy, but otherwise we would have nothing to do. We now have an old-fashioned and newfangled concept thanks to Corona!

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