A last-minute newsletter (quick run-down)


Soon we will not only be concluding another year, but the most exciting year of our career. The building of our dreams will be fully acquired by the end of the year – no small feat. But our dreams are now more focused on what we are going to do with the building. Apart from designing, arranging, producing, selling and distributing – which we already do – we are also going to develop a huge number of additional activities, primarily together with others.

The building is going to house a wide variety of specialists together with their creations, advice and experience. And many will be visible, tangible and audible to the world for the very first time. Collaboration in other words,.with an object collector, an art lover, an auctioneer, a fashion king, a wine connoisseur, newsmakers, greenery experts, kitchen specialists, cooking fanatics, filmmakers and many others. It is a concept we simply could not resist, not only because it is such a good match for us, but also because it more or less dropped into our laps. After all, how are you supposed to get the funding, permits, cooperation of the developer and all those other parties that you want to bring together? It has become more and more clear that we now stand at a crowded crossroad in life, watching everything and everyone we’d like to join forces with pass by. There is plenty of slowing down, even if only to show interest or to ask whether they can contribute in some way. I’m not a religious man, but it almost feels like a daily blessing.

The intense manner in which we have carried out projects with Guido Geelen in recent years makes clear how fun, inspiring, fruitful and natural collaboration can be. What started with objects from Guido placed on one of our cabinets has developed from a packaging pedestal to works in which the contributions of both sides are inextricably linked. We have just completed the finishing touches of a series of 8 sculptures, upside-down. It is a project that reflects the developments we are currently undertaking in more than one respect. It is also a sample of how we will set to work in the time to come.


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