8 July 2012 – Scarlett Hooft Graafland Exhibition


I constructed copper showcases for Guido Geelen’s sculptures for the opening exhibition of our gallery. Sculpture and showcase actually come together in a single object, as a result of years of close friendship and working together. That result was no coincidence. The wooden men for Tom Claassen, on the other hand, the frames for Floor van Keulen and the wall for Jan van der Ploeg just came into being.

I had actually thought that I could get away with not having to do very much work for Scarlett, apart from arranging the exhibition. The works are beautiful and really only need to be hung up. However Scarlett and Menno had decided that the photos of the chairs on the Bolivian highlands would be a good accompaniment to my own exhibition of chairs, and they wondered whether I thought it would be a good idea, and whether I would like to make a frame or something for it.

The horizon on the photos is particularly emphasised, and the salt flats have a calming effect. I wanted to isolate the photos in some kind of box, and at the same time determine the line of vision. Placing the boxes at a slight angle on the ground allows you to look straight at the horizon, as it were, and see the flats at a right angle. That effect (you really should come and look for yourself) turned out to work even better if two boxes could be seen from a single viewpoint, both with their own horizon. This is probably all a bit too much to follow, even the people standing in front of the boxes nod listlessly as I explain it to them. In any case, it was enough of a motivation for me to apply the same procedure to many more of Scarlett’s works, to create a panoramic view: all things taken into consideration, another long story.

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