13 January 2012 Wehkamp.us


Lying on the shelf on the right under my drawing table is a number of sketches for the next series of furniture I’ve designed for Wehkamp.nl. They’re now ready for finalising. Right before Christmas, the first batch of tables and chairs arrived that we presented during the DDW. The fact that I’ve designed a basic collection for Wehkamp has caused a few frowns. But the fact that the products have caused a bit of a stir is a positive thing. These tables and chairs are pure Dutch, solid and well made, and thanks to the affordable pricing and excellent collaboration, easily accessible. It’s a great feeling to have your designs accessible to a much wider audience. Naturally, they’re not available at rock-bottom prices, but that’s simply not possible when using quality materials and production methods. A sofa, armchair and low table from the same series will follow shortly and, not long after, a series of cabinets and a bed will roll off the drawing table.

Our dealer in New York is eager to offer this collection. As he puts it, they’re sick and tired of products that are extremely expensive because they’re produced according to the principle of “I’ll make only one and charge a fortune for it.”

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