24 November 2013 through 16 March 2014 James Cauty- THE AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE PART IV


The exhibition can now be visited at Mediamatic.



“Once he burned a million quid, reached number one on the charts and made a posting stamp with the Queen wearing a gas mask printed on it. Now the British ‘culture terrorist’ James Cauty works quietly on his dioramas of rioters and battering policemen.”

Translated from: NRC ‘De Luxe’ June 2013.

The London exhibition  THE AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE Part IV comes to our gallery in his own new form. For Cauty’s ‘Riots in a Jam Jar’ Piet Hein Eek makes a wooden case for exhibiting and transporting the jam jars after selling. A riot as a souvenir, as the epitome of disaster tourism.

Credits: Ruud Balk

Click here to read James Cauty’s biography.

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