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Children can sometimes be a difficult delivery (often after an easy pregnancy). Making books is simply just difficult, the process of making them is heavy and the delivery is even heavier. Luckily, if you really compare the two, a book is not complicated at all. But now that we have almost finished Book 2 and are immediately continuing with Book 3, it feels quite different. Very different; like a real delivery.

Suzanne has worked uninterrupted on the books for almost two years. Gathering material, searching for the right information, finding photos in the confusion of our archive, making selections and chasing me down to write the texts. When we started we didn’t even know if I would be writing the texts myself. This only gradually became clear as the process progressed. So, over the course of time, we have adapted quite a lot to suit what was actually possible in reality.

And now Book 2 is almost finished. Petra of Studio Boot has just about finished the graphic work, so the book will soon be sent to the printer. And, is it a success? An exciting question. I have the feeling that it is a coffee table book in sheep’s clothing. It fits well, is thick, has lots of images and is fun to look through, but it also contains very serious information. Information that makes it possible to understand what, how and why we make what we make and do what we do. Both in the field of individual designs and in relation to the business management and philosophy, the book presents the insight we now have.

Would I buy the book myself? I think so. This question makes me think of one of the best books I have ever read ‘Ons feilbare denken’ (‘Our fallible thinking’) by Daniel Kahneman. I bought the book (without images) for € 9.95 at Schiphol. When I had finished it I thought, this is the best deal ever. The book is weighty and it contains all Kahneman’s knowledge, who is advanced in years. A whole lifetime of thinking at the highest level, and presented in an understandable format for just a tenner! Now, I don’t want to compare myself at all with this man, except that our books have the same approach; to share knowledge and insights. It is perhaps a somewhat vain thought, because who is actually going to read a coffee table book?  

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