HOTEL BLOG 6. Ideas: restaurant in the lobby

21-01-2021 in: Blogmessages


The very first plan was to move the Wonder Room down one floor and to have the hotel only on the top floor. This floor would then house both the lobby and the hotel rooms. At just the right time, Jeanine said: ‘why don’t you use the kitchen and the whole setting of the Wonder Room as the lobby, reception and breakfast room?’. It was a good idea because it dramatically improved the whole concept. It also required less investment as the Wonder Room would take on a double function and have a better business model, because the lobby was moving down a floor and we could create more hotel rooms. There is also less chance of noise disturbance because the sleeping area is on a separate floor than the rest. And it is better for our guests because they can now breakfast, dine and drink in the Wonder Room with art, antiques, design and everything else we love. And to top it all off, a roof terrace that is bathed in sunshine from morning to evening. The total investment was higher on balance, but if you add and subtract everything in the list, we have one less lobby, but one roof terrace and several rooms more. All in all, the end result is more than the extra investment!

With the corona measures that are now in place, we are having to deal with all the uncertainties relating to the exploitation of the restaurant and have decided to renovate it. It will become smaller, more beautiful and more efficient. The space this generates will be rented out as studio and/or shop space. The restaurant costs will be lower and income from rental will be higher. All this means that the kitchen for the hotel needs an upgrade even before it has been built, because the guests can dine in the Wonder Room lobby of the hotel during the renovations. A flying start for the ‘Wonder-Room-lobby-restaurant-bar’. This would have been a good idea, even without the bad reasons!

Former Wonder Room

New Wonder Room and kitchen

Roof terrace

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