HOTEL BLOG 10: Call with Rutte

20-04-2021 in: Blogmessages


The hotel-lobby-roof terrace is open on the first possible day!

Because the virus is not behaving as the specialists believe it should behave and the measures are based on hospital admissions, these measures are constantly being adjusted which makes planning a tricky business. But one thing is clear by now: we will, almost exactly at the moment that outside terraces can open again, open the lobby-hotel-roof terrace. The opening of the hotel will follow as soon as we are able to welcome guests again inside.

The latest deadline of 28 April, whereby the terraces should be able to open again, set the bar very high for us. To give an example: the lift is still not working, we still have to make and install the kitchen, the cooling cell will arrive late, we still have to put soil and plants in the planters on the roof terrace, hang up the awning (which is an enormous object made of steel and glass), there still is loads of painting to be done, the toilets have not yet arrived, and the wonder room has yet to be finished, painted and furnished. I thought: you know what, I’ll call Mark Rutte to coordinate our plans a little.

Me: Hi Mark how are you?
Mark:Pretty good, I’m too busy to be lonely.
Me:Good to hear. I’d like to ask you something: can’t we keep the terraces closed a while longer? That’ll give us a little more time to finish and furnish the hotel and roof terrace.
Mark:I really want to open the terraces; the figures just aren’t getting any better. There are more and more people taking less and less notice of the rules and meeting each other in small spaces indoors; we need to change something for the better.
Me:I understand, but the outbreak management team still says that the terraces should remain closed, even if that seems counterproductive (nice word, isn’t it?). And most people still believe that the measures are working.
Mark:Yes, that’s true and the figures are sure to improve due to the vaccines and perhaps even more so because the summer is approaching, luckily! By the time summer is over, I think we will have vaccinated enough people, despite the absolute shambles they’ve made of it.
Me:So, can’t we open the terraces two weeks later, instead of on 28 April? I’d say 13 May, on Ascension Day, just before the weekend.
Mark:Yes, we now have a better idea about that. The annoying measures early in the week and the attractive ones just before the weekend. I think we’ll be able to get things done before 13 May.
Me:It would be nice if you could also say that every could has a silver lining, and mention, as an example, that the Piet Hein Eek hotel-lobby-roof terrace will be open on the very first day possible!
Mark:Great, that’s how we’ll do it!

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