15.05.2018 | Social label Lab opened by Queen Maxima


What an honour! Queen Maxima opened the Social label Lab of Social label. 
Within a couple of months the dark, old former factory was transformed into a light and transparent space. A special workshop for all the designers and makers of Social label.  

For more information about the Social label Lab click here.

More photo’s will come soon, see the sneak preview below.
Photography: Thomas Mayer

NLD, Niederlande, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Social Label Lab in Werkwarenhuis, Architektur von Eek en Dekkers (Piet Hein Eek Architecture), interiors von Studio Boot | NLD, The Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Social Lab in Werkwarenhuis, architecture by Eek en Dekkers (Piet Hein Eek Architecture), interiors by Studio Boot

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