10.01.2018 | Fort keepers residence completed


The fort keepers residence has been completed. In commission for Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV we have made a design for the new fort keepers residence next to Fort Krommeniedijk in Uitgeest. Piet Hein has made the first sketch back in 2009. However, because the zoning plan didn’t allow a house to be built at the time, the project hit a dead end.

In November 2015, 6 years later, Stadsherstel called to inform us that the zoning plan had been changed and we could get to work! This was a surprise because we didn’t even know they were still working on the project. During those 6 years we also had some big developments, since we started an architectural studio which made it possible to draw the building ourselves. Together with Stadsherstel and Akerbouw we constructed a very special house where a lot could have gone wrong but it didn’t.

In 2017 the new fort keepers residence was completed. Inspired by the original fort keepers residence and the way the military would construct it the house has been fabricated out of wood and sheet material, adapted to the modern building standards and techniques: well insulated, including a heat pump and electricity from solar panels installed on the roof of the fort.

For more information and pictures of the project, please visit our project page.

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