Hans Liberg and Thomas Mayer


When I received an e-mail from Hans Liberg asking whether his regular photographer, Thomas Mayer, could approach me about posting pictures of our little house and furniture on Hans’ site, we had no idea what it would lead to. First we became acquainted with Thomas, who turns out to be an exceptionally likable guy who also takes fantastic pictures. So, no sooner said than done. The pictures were posted on the site, an e-mail was sent around, and considerable interest has since developed around the world. The picture is pinched right and left and posted in blogs and the interest from architectural magazines has been hot. 


Thomas also takes photographs of architecture, including Frank Gehry buildings, but that odd little tree trunk house seems to be attracting a huge amount of attention. It’s quite an unusual experience to be fishing in a totally different pond by chance and suddenly catching entirely different kinds of fish, the very existence of which you were unaware of until now.

Please click the following link for more information about Thomas Mayer.  

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