PAN 2019 – 24 november to 1 december

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Trio of doubles. Creative friends

1. Marc and Reinoud

Reinoud van Vught and Marc Mulders are both painters and good friends and were members of the now disbanded ‘Tilburgse School’. Since last year, we have displayed work by both Marc and Reinoud at the PAN. Is that special? On one hand I think it is, but on the other hand it isn’t. Working with friends and becoming friends through work, even though working together can sometimes also ruin a friendship, is a common occurrence but always feels like a blessing. Normal yet special at the same time!

2. Tokihiro and Willem

Another example of a friendship through work is that of the photographers Tokihiro Sato and Willem van den Hoed. They met each other earlier this year at the opening of Tokihiro’s exhibition in our gallery. Willem took Tokihiro around the Netherlands and when he subsequently visited Tokyo, Tokihiro was the guide. Willem also gave a lecture at the university where Tokihiro is a professor.

3. Arsenio and Piet Hein

A while ago, Arsenio Rodriguez made an underwater world from plastic bottles and plastic he had gathered over the years. He sees quality in what others see as rubbish. We are kindred spirits in ‘making something out of nothing’. His work inspired me to make a waste art and design exhibition in our former gallery space. Sergio Herman, another artist, played a leading role every evening with beautiful diners served between objects made from waste materials.

Sinds 2016 presenteren we op  de PAN en brengen een klein stukje van onze wereld naar Amsterdam.  Het werk dat we laten zien is te zien in de catalogus (te downloaden als pdf) maar nog liever ontvangen we u op de PAN in onze ‘satellietwereld’.

PAN Amsterdam 2019
24 November to 1 December
Stand 85

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