New at Milan: Steel vitrine

16-08-2016 in: Current


In 1993, inspired by a large consignment of square glass plates, we constructed the Oak Display Cabinet. Shelves, sides, top and front were all made in identical fashion with glass plates of the same size. Later, the dimensions of the case were adjusted to match those of the ‘Philipskast’ and a polycarbonate version was also made. However, we never succeeded in making a steel version. The structure, with its horizontal and vertical parts, turned out to be too complicated to construct out of steel.

For the Gerd Rohling exhibition in our gallery, display cases needed to be made. It was possible to carry out his design wish very nicely using the system that I had already had in mind for years, without vertical and horizontal muntins. With a very finely detailed glass load-bearing system, the display case is not only easier to construct but also much more attractive. Finally, we can make a steel version of the Oak Display Case based on the same idea. Because steel is very different from oak, the whole appearance of the case is also completely different. 


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