27-03-2016 in: Current

The idea of making bikes and go-karts from thin aluminium bikes developed years ago. The thin aluminium, shaped into a box, is solid, light and enables us to make technical preparations (shaft holes, fixings and sliding mechanisms). Several prototypes have now been completed, which have already been tested in practice. Our aim is to compile a whole collection with various products.

To start with, we want to make an initial batch of go-karts that are sold on registration. As such, we must be able to work on a series of 5 to 10 units. We will make these go-karts and calculate the price based purely on cost prices. So they will probably cost between € 2000 and € 3000. We are still carrying out a few improvements (gears, handbrake and an adjustable chair).

If you are interested in one of the go-karts from this series, please get in touch. The first three models can be seen in our showroom.

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