Cologne and the oak display cabinet

11-01-2019 in: Current

Third time lucky. And there is absolutely no one who knows the fair in Cologne who has not told us that you really have to take part three years in a row if you want to achieve any kind of result. And this is our third time. Incidentally, we were pretty happy with the results the first two times. But now, according to the experts, things will be even better.

Such predictions are generally just as reliable as those of economists about the economy; what they say will almost certainly not happen, but how will it turn out then? We thought: in addition to showing everything we have added to the collection since last year, we will focus more than in previous years on presenting as broad a collection as possible. We want to be seen as we see ourselves and what we have been working hard to achieve for 25 years, as a serious furniture brand!

Of course, we are not that serious because when we wanted to pack up the oak display cabinet, we discovered it was no longer in stock, only in the showroom. One of our best-selling products, precisely the category we wanted to set in the spotlight, will not be seen due to poor planning. But you could just as easily say that the cabinet is unavailable due to enormous success. This is partly true as we recently made and delivered a series of oak display cabinets, and we forgot to put them in the showroom. This is not so strange, because our rule is that we do not sell collections from the showroom. Personally, I find it just as irritating as fun when the rules aren’t taken too seriously.

Not on view in Cologne                                                                    On view in Cologne

It is quite surprising that so much can be written about how tricky (or meaningless) it is to make predictions and plans and about a cabinet that we are not taking to the fair. But we hope and think that everything we will be presenting will be worth it. True to tradition, several highlights were finished right at the last minute.

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IMM Cologne – Hall 3.2 – Aisle D – Nr. 23 – 14 t/m 20 januari 2019