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With the blog and news items about the hotel, which is really a very exciting, we have been able to push the growing corona-related boringness into the background. There are very few topics (and activities) that don’t become boring after repetition. Constantly having new ideas and making new things has always been exceptionally fun and satisfying as far as I’m concerned. The hotel is actually not that bad in terms of subject matter, because we’re still making all kinds of things for it. But luckily, we also do a lot more than that. We are still constantly receiving assignments and requests to make sketches and details, and to come up with concepts and solutions. And juggling all these different things is getting easier, because I’ve been doing nothing else my whole life. Practice makes perfect! Of course, the same is true for the people who make sure that the ideas are also put into practice. Harm draws everything and the men and women in the workshop make it. We all practice every day and are getting better together!

We are currently making a window display for Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie. It is a kind of classic shopfront display but then as a construction set with brass trays as floors and connecting pillars with capitals. The etagère can be constructed according to your own insights and needs; window architecture!

We are also making a mirror for a customer in Japan, using wood we no longer have. The first mirror was made from beams that had a beautiful patina. But that was a once-in-my-lifetime purchase. With those beams, all we had to do was to cleverly saw the lids. Now they will be sawn and compiled completely using the rotten water tower wood from New York. With the patina of this old wood, these mirrors may even be more beautiful than their predecessors!

I drew the office for the Goudsesingelgebouw in Rotterdam, including a large round conference table that can be turned inside out into a square (or made into a chaotic shape). When I called to ask whether they wanted it to be modest or luxurious, the answer was clear: luxurious. So the table was finished with brass!

I could easily go on. Marcis who does our graphic design, photography and much more, has just gone on holiday and to make sure things don’t grind to a halt, he organised some projects just before he left so that we will be able to post an item in the middle of his holiday!

In short: life is never boring here, because we’re always busy making beautiful objects every day!

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