HOTEL BLOG 8. Hotel collection

27-02-2021 in: Blogmessages


When we first started thinking about our hotel, we had not yet thought about the almost certain creation of a hotel collection. A large proportion of my designs are born when I cannot find suitable objects to fit into my world. There were all kinds of things I couldn’t find: electrical sockets, skirting boards, sinks, towel rails, lettering, switches, lighting, beds, bedside tables, desks, suitcase-unpacking-bench-tables, radiators, door handles, etc., etc. It is turning into quite a list as we are slowly but surely moving towards completing the hotel. We are starting to dot the i’s, and have also discovered, not surprisingly, that we could not find a suitable toilet roll holder. We made a prototype this week, and also ordered a series in stainless steel, copper brass and aluminium.

Toilet roll holder

Hotel Bed with Auping


Sink and mirror


Door handle with LABO

Bath mat

Pantry cabinet



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