12.12.2014 | Eek & Dekkers

12-12-2014 in: Architecture


From the first chair made from matches, glue, thread and a surgeon’s knife no bigger than a thumbnail, to the development of an old industrial building accommodating 10 houses and 10 families. Apart from size, nothing has changed. To this day, our projects are created with respect for what is already there, seizing the opportunities and possibilities that are available. This has been the philosophy underpinning our company from its inception, and continues unabated to this day. The development of our own site inspired us and others to think bigger with the same pragmatic simple ideas. We are currently working on 4 projects and have plenty of ideas. As well as inspiring us to devise new creations and engage in new activities, the site also attracted new employees with different skills. One of them was Iggie Dekkers, a young architect who more or less accidentally walked into the building, painted our doors, went to get a job elsewhere as a “real architect” and happily came back to work on our cnc machine and the rare architectural projects we had a few years ago. Because of her involvement, we were able to respond positively to architectural and development requests and the corresponding opportunities. We discovered that Iggie Dekkers fits extremely well in our organizational culture. She is involved in the entire process, from concept to completion. She designs, sells to and guides our clients and contractor up to the point where the buyers actually move into their new homes. To celebrate this unique collaboration and to honour the quintessential and added qualities of Iggie, we decide to set up a new company; “Eek en Dekkers” working under the name “Piet Hein Eek architecture”.  

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