Sjimmie Veenhuis – Aspect Ratio – 13 November 2016 until 5 March 2017



Sjimmie Veenhuis (1984) makes installations in which he uses existing materials in their original form. Through the reinterpretation of concrete and recognisable visual elements of the material itself, the function of the substantive alienation in relation to our immediate surroundings becomes perceptible. 

The installations made by Sjimmie Veenhuis are developed from logical choices that arise from the intrinsic characteristics of the material. These characteristics also form a binding framework and thus have a direct influence on the available possibilities and the final image. 
By stripping an object of its original function and by combining these objects, a new image is created. As the individual building blocks are physically uncompromised, their primary functionality remains simultaneously intact. Sjimmie Veenhuis’ work thereby presents a form of reflection on the duality of appearances, in which the meaning of individual objects is reversed.
The naturalness that our immediate environment seems to have, underlies the questions that Sjimmie Veenhuis poses in his work: how do we see the world and how can we shape it? How quickly do we get used to an appearance? What other possibilities do the materials offer, alongside the form in which we find them? How do they interact outside the expected context? 
For Aspect Ratio, Sjimmie Veenhuis has selected materials he has worked with in recent years and used them to make new compositions for this exhibition. The installations in Aspect Ratio establish a relationship with each other as well as with the space in which they are placed.
For the most recent selection of art works in the Van Abbevitrine, please click the following link.

Credits: Ruud Balk

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