How it is made – waste table in scrapwood

09-06-2020 in: Current


The canteen table (1998) was made on a Saturday, when the whole team was asked to work together in order to improve morale within the group. The employees were presented with various options as to what they could produce that day. One option was to produce an immense communal table for the canteen area. The design had to be finished by six o’clock, as they were to use it that evening for eating dinner together. The table design was inspired by the leftover pieces of wood from the production of the oak table (page 37). The textured surface of the table inspired similar subsequent designs of varying dimensions and has become one of the most successful product ranges. The genuine leftover strips of wood ran out at one point, so they had to artificially ‘generate more leftovers’ to finish the table.

In the years that followed the canteen table also has been produced in scrapwood and waste scrapwood (the pieces that are left over after the production of scrapwood furniture, see BOOK 1, pp. 146-149 and 226-229).

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