18-11-2022 in: Current

18 NOVEMBER 2022

When we bought the property, I didn’t want my name on everything. So there had to be a logo or recognisable corporate identity. I loved robots back then. I don’t know why exactly, but if there was one to be made, I did. Now that I think about it, I think it’s because the robot hasn’t become what we expected it to be, it’s a romantic futuristic image for now that hasn’t become a reality. I did like the idea of introducing this image as a corporate identity in the old Philips premises (a technology company that is also different from what was expected long ago). Hardly anyone thought it was a good idea, but Edwin from Studio Boot liked it as much as I did. He turned the little robot into a playful, dynamic and recognisable icon. I won’t list the list of robot products now; this newsletter is about robot football shirts and the collaboration with Studio Boot. Edwin designed the shirts (my part got stuck in the concepting phase in terms of design). Because playing football in Qatar is a daft idea, which incidentally fits well in a time where crazy things do happen, Edwin has added a design that requires no further explanation. The shirts can soon be ordered in our shop, our web shop and Studio Boot’s web shop!

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