PHE hotel

Location Strijp R, Eindhoven
Type redevelopment
Function hotel
Phase building permit
Client de Bezittingen van Piet Hein Eek BV
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The development of our business and our building is largely based on the idea of creating a context that is as complete as possible around the unique concept, from idea to product under one roof. Our guests come from all over the world but also simply from Eindhoven. The building is firmly anchored in the city and the neighbourhood as a place and location for activities and events. A missing link in the whole story has been the opportunity for our guests to also stay the night. The hotel with differently designed rooms will not only offer the chance to spend the night, but it will also be an extension of the showroom, which is both about the items on display as well as the experience. So the entrance of the hotel will have a large glass front, with behind it a glass-housed lift through which the shop and showroom are visible towards the ground floor and the mezzanine.

The hotel, which will be realised on the top floor, will have thirteen rooms that will each be designed differently. The lobby, bar and breakfast room will be located on the lower floor in the Wonder Room (the current gallery space). This will emphasise the blending together of the total concept. We will receive our guests here and serve them breakfast in a space full of art and special objects. Adjacent to this room will be the roof terrace, with large folding doors on all sides. We also want to realise a small, exclusive rooftop bar on the highest roof. This roof terrace will be accessed by the lift. The roof terraces on different levels with greenery will create an urban feel.

The catering for the breakfast room, bar and roof terraces will be in the service of the hotel. Guests can breakfast here and/or have a drink as well as small private gatherings such as meetings, lunches, private dining’s  or receptions. We have an event room and restaurant in our building where parties, congresses and events are organised, so the services of the hotel do not play a role here. For us, the hotel serves mainly to supplement and reinforce our total concept. We do not focus on volume, but aim to offer our guests a total experience.

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