Lucky with Cauty’s container

17-11-2020 in: Current


James Cauty sees the future as something other than a pandemic. In his opinion, humans are ruining their own world; a conflict amongst themselves and between citizens and governments, resulting in total chaos. The same is also true indirectly: if there are too many of you, nature automatically intervenes, and we are all part of nature, after all. In his work, Cauty explores the boundaries of malleability in the world, ending in complete dystopia.

Cauty’s post-apocalyptic diorama has already toured through Great Britain, (Northern) Ireland and Tasmania and has campaigned in various historic locations of civil wars and social struggles. In order to avoid a useless crossing over the channel because a new campaign possibly awaits, the container has now landed in our parking lot. We have more than enough space right now because unnecessary travel is being discouraged. Streets and shops are almost empty, and restaurants, bars and museums are closed until further notice.

Photography: L-13 archive/ADP Riot Tour documentation

You could call it a blessing in disguise that Cauty’s container is intended for outside and has now come to rest in the public space, on the parking lot where our restaurant guests would normally park, alongside our FRIET takeaway counter. You can look through the peepholes in the container, breathlessly watching the intricate work and the ineradicable world of Cauty.

It is the intention that the container will eventually move to a new location. There will also soon be an exhibition in the temporary gallery in our showroom, dedicated to Cauty’s new creations and the journeys the container has already made.

The container can be admired day and night by young and old!

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