Tokyo Designers Block

28-03-2016 in: Current

During the past ten years, we have answered every question from abroad negatively. We first had to ensure that we had everything running smoothly in the Netherlands (quality, order processing, etc.). Only a year ago did we decide that we were ready for a foreign adventure. We have all kinds of ideas and plans for this. In other countries we will also apply the Dutch concept of using a limited number of sales points. The extensive collection and large quantity of customisation means that a lot of communication is required, which is one of the most important reasons for limiting ourselves to a small number of dealers.


To our surprise, Mack van Cïbone from Tokyo not only came to visit within a few months, but also placed a large order and was interested in presenting our collection in Tokyo at the Tokyo Designers Block. It still remains to be seen whether this will be a success, but the professionalism and vision with which everything is done gives us a lot of confidence.

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