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Much of what I do or make, out of pure pleasure or out of a love of something, later turns out to be very wise. What I then do to be wise often turns out to be hopeless and useless. Perhaps this is because things you enjoy doing work better and you carry on doing them for longer because it is fun! This is certainly the case with the gallery that we have had since 2010. We have enjoyed and experienced the most wonderful moments with artists and our guests.

In that respect, our participation in the PAN 2016 was another special moment. There were countless reasons why we should and shouldn’t do it. In the end it turned out to be a fantastic decision for completely different reasons than expected. But above all we just had a lot of fun. Fun in showing what we do in Eindhoven, fun that we mean something to the artists we work with and of course fun in seeing the enjoyment of the guests and customers who visited.

For those thinking: ‘a bit superficial – just doing what you enjoy’, I dare to say that enjoyment makes you carry on, helps you develop and ensures that the viewer can then witness, at a glance, everything that that person is and has experienced. Life accumulates in the work, and for an artist you are witness to this in each piece.


Marc Mulders turned his world upside down last year with black works, and it didn’t stop there. Willem van den Hoed came home after living in Korea for years, where he further developed his precise ‘Asianised’ architectural eye – he makes Asian architectural photographic monuments. In the coming year we will be organising an oeuvre exhibition ‘COMING HOME’ in our gallery to mark his return.

Jan van de Ploeg travels all over the world, leaving behind painted murals as he goes, but is also coming to the PAN with new flat/three-dimensional work for which we have laid (and made) the foundations. 


Three artists, in basis it is the same as last year; once again a triptych with which we try to create a complete world together with our own objects and stand design. Alongside the work of Marc Mulders, Willem van den Hoed and Jan van der Ploeg we will also be showing work by Michaël de Kok, James Cauty and Daniel Ruanova. It is nice to think that the lives of so many artists come together in the form of their artworks and can be admired at one time in one place.

You can visit PAN Amsterdam from 19 to 26 November. We exhibit at Stand 85

Please find here the catalogue (solely in Dutch). 

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