Old oak tile cabinet no. 3

01-11-2022 in: Current

This cabinet is the last in the old oak series, we ran out of wood. Years ago, we swapped a batch of sawn logs that had lain in a farmer’s barn for decades. The wood was rock hard (oak hardens over time), cracked and discoloured. Some logs were more wretched than others. In the end, the worst wood remained and from that, as we so often do, we made the most luxurious product. Bad is just how you look at it; it takes a lot of time to make something with it, but the older the oak, the nicer the colour and texture. 

We scrape and saw the wood and make 20×20-centimetre tiles and clad the cabinets with them. The design is of deceptive simplicity; the size of the tile determines the size of the cabinet. The three cabinets therefore differ only in their proportions. Behind the tiles is a whole world. To open the cabinet, we created a tilting system hidden behind a tile. You have to know or try which tile is the one that tilts. If you press your hand against the tile, it gives way and the door or drawer on the tile above it can be opened. The double pull-out wooden drawer runner that we developed ourselves (I wrote a separate piece about that earlier) ensures that the drawer opens smoothly all the way. For the doors, we specially developed a brass hinge. A drawer consists of about 30 parts. The image of the cabinet is minimalist, but on closer inspection, there is no doubt that maximum attention has been paid to it. 

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