Not this again!

29-07-2021 in: Current


Those of you who follow our posts will know that we, somehow, miraculously made it through the recent period quite smoothly. I am currently writing a book, which will be called ‘Hotel Corona’. It will be given this title because the construction of the hotel was underway for just about the entire corona period. I am writing it because so much has happened that has also influenced our little miracle. By making the story as complete as possible, everyone will be able to make the connections themselves and understand why this has turned out to be such a positive time.

Positive or not, we currently find ourselves in the middle of an ‘after-event-problem’, just like many employers in the hospitality industry. When we had to close our doors, we didn’t fire anyone, which is exactly what the support measures were for. But over the period of a year and a half, lots of people have taken steps to move away from their temporary work in our restaurant to pick up their career. And at the same time, the government corona campaign, with widespread testing, vaccination programmes and never-ending budgets, has drained the labour market of people looking for work. And all this while the restaurant and FRIET are open, and we will soon be opening the hotel and welcoming lots of guests; a typical example of ‘not this again’. So, we’re on the lookout for people!

Photograph: Helene Lenfers

Another typical example; our accountant has other plans. Firstly, she’s going travelling, because that will be allowed again soon. So, unfortunately, we’re looking for a replacement!

And to top it all off, we’re also looking for someone who can take on some of Pim’s tasks. Namely, social media communication in the broadest sense of the word. Actually, working with us is always ‘in-the-broadest-sense-of-the-word’. We devise, make and do everything ourselves and we all work together from a total concept. For the football enthusiasts: playing with Feyenoord in the sixties, Rinus Israëls played Milan off the field with total football, something the Milanese had no idea about at the time. Working here is a bit like ‘total work’. The only difference is that we don’t always understand it ourselves. But it’s going well, and it’s fun, and it’s delicious!    

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