New year, new prices!

11-01-2019 in: Current

Every year our dealers and regular customers ask us for our new price list and every year we need to dissappoint them by saying that the prices have stayed the same and only the year on the title page of the price list has changed. In the context of the good intentions we decided to raise the prices with 5% and we now finally meet the demand and expectations of our dealers and regular customers!

Apart from all good intentions and the demand from our dealers and customers, the main reason for a price increase is that our prices have remained the same for three years. In the meantime the economy has increased substantially and the growing demand for our products has caused an increasing pressure on our production. Perhaps the most important reason for the price increase is that the transport costs and the prices of resources and materials have steadily increased every year.

Important notice: the new price list has already been updated but we are still busy ajusting the prices on our website and in our shop and showroom. Of course we are happy to answer your questions regarding the price increase.