Message from Africa

04-04-2016 in: Current

Hallo Piet,

Here are a few photos, they’re doing well with your chairs, five full-timers in total and another five part-timers, handicapped varying from cripple, in a wheelchair, deaf, and sometimes even a little mentally slow.

We are experiencing some delay and I am considering staying for another month, biggest problem is the availability of dry wood, especially in the (thin) sizes we need (there is only inch or two-inch wood here, and it is mostly illegally, roughly sawn by hand).

I have had to make a dry room in order to get the wood dry more quickly, from 39% to 15% in two weeks, on charcoal burners, works fine!

Local sales are also going well, especially now that some chairs are finished.

More detailed report later, say hi from me!