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How differently we imagined it: all together for the first time under one roof during the DDW. Hundreds of thousands of people would see the work on display. There was a certain amount of trepidation as Lieve, my eldest daughter, found it particularly difficult to display her work at her father’s place; you should be able to do it without your father’s help, right? And above all, the whole family was going through difficult times in the photo installation she made for her exams.

Photograph: Thomas Mayer

Roos and Geertje have now been working for over a year to get their jewellery brand ‘TWEEK’ off the ground and have added new collections and even gold. But corona threw a spanner in the works; no graduation presentation and the DDW, the only event that seemed to be going ahead, was also cancelled at the last minute, like a football competition that is rained off.

Bad weather or good, we are putting ourselves out there and displaying our work under one roof. We have just hung Lieve’s photo series of the family in difficult times in the black room and Roos and Geertje have set up their studio on the other side of the wall and will be working on their jewellery in the showroom over the coming months. It actually seems like a really good idea, to have people working in the workshop!

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