Concept. Material, technique and labour

22-10-2019 in: Current


The designs by Piet Hein Eek are all based on materials, technique and craftsmanship. In recent years, various objects have been designed and made without any kind of practical use, but that clearly expose the methods used to make them.

For this object we sawed a beam repeatedly through its thickest part into exactly square blocks until it became too thick to saw again. It is a puzzle of blocks with the maximum number of largest blocks possible that can be made from this beam of wood.

Upon closer inspection you see the rings and a knot in the wood and thus discover that this bough started as a twig on a young sapling and ended as the branch of a tree. Nature provides raw materials and labour (we are also nature). A deep respect for nature, what the world has to offer, forms the foundation of all Eek’s works and is the starting point for these objects.

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