06-04-2016 in: Current

The book will be organic. The products, details and events seem to alternate in an apparently random way. Initially we wanted to classify them into chapters with products, projects, details and sketches. But this would not show how things actually happened in reality. The connections and interactions fade into the background. The aim was to first create an overview and insight and of course to make a good book. It reads like a “visual diary” and I hope that you will get to know the author, just like a real diary.

In order to make the book in this way, it was essential to go through all the details with full knowledge of how it had all happened. Without Nob Ruijgrok, my business partner from the very beginning, it would have been an impossible task. The pleasure we always enjoyed after realising the most difficult assignment is now back again. Hopefully you will enjoy the book with as much pleasure.

Piet Hein Eek




The book, containing 448 pages, will cost € 59.95 and can be ordered via

Author Max Fraser / design Scherpontwerp / publisher De Boekenmakers.