11-11-2022 in: Current

11 NOVEMBER 2022

I just went to re-read the news item I wrote following the theft of my daughters Roos and Geertje to write a thank-you note because of the support we have had in every possible way. The Crowdfunding that Steef set up with friends has been extremely successful. Rose and Geertje are far from having recovered the value that was stolen, but have the means to move forward again. The enormous support we have received from so many people, despite the misery, is actually a very positive experience. Like a farmer with a toothache, you can think that the whole drama may have been a positive thing in the end. The sisters turned out to be stronger than me, because I was only sad when Roos and Geertje were already hard at work, they just kept on working. For me, the theft represented a low point of the week in which one (near) disaster after another occurred and took the utmost out of all of us. 

Now, a few weeks after the DDW, despite the fact that we are still clearing debris, there is for the first time a bit of calm. A good time to thank everyone after my appeal to support Roos and Geertje. I guess it has been very hectic and touching, because I just found out that I haven’t sent out a newsletter at all!

Well then; Roos and Geertje were robbed during the DDW of everything they worked for for years! I would very much like to thank everyone who donated and supported. And because I keep writing news items otherwise, I would also like to preliminarily thank the “future-payers”!

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