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Hotel Auping Bed

23-10-2020 in: Current, Uncategorized

23-10-2020 – After presenting the ‘hotel bed’ last year during DDW, we contacted Auping to ask whether they were interested in being involved with the hotel


Head in the sand

08-09-2020 in: Current, Uncategorized

17 to 25 October – It used to surprise me that some people in my direct vicinity were unable to deal with difficult situations. They passively stood back and allowed bad things to happen to… »

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Corona Pink. Twenty-year crisis!

25-05-2020 in: Current, Uncategorized

25-05-2020 It all began when we purchased a CNC (computer numerical control) machine in 2000. It had not yet been delivered when two planes hit the Twin Towers and we found ourselves in a crisis…. »