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Milan. Back to business

04-09-2021 in: Current, Uncategorized

03-09-2021 – What used to be completely normal, now feels strange. We are going to the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The Salone is normally in April, but this year it’s in September. In terms… »



19-03-2021 in: Blogmessages, Uncategorized

20-03-2021 – I really love music. When I was at secondary school in Amsterdam, I went home every day via the Utrechtsestraat, past the ‘Concerto’ record shop. I looked it up and they are still… »


Hotel Auping Bed

23-10-2020 in: Current, Uncategorized

23-10-2020 – After presenting the ‘hotel bed’ last year during DDW, we contacted Auping to ask whether they were interested in being involved with the hotel


Head in the sand

08-09-2020 in: Current, Uncategorized

17 to 25 October – It used to surprise me that some people in my direct vicinity were unable to deal with difficult situations. They passively stood back and allowed bad things to happen to… »